Episode 5 – The Last Stand (2013) with Sean Duncan

“Not in his town. Not on his watch.”

We’re back, folks. And so is our favorite Austrian ass-kicker. We join our young friend Sean Duncan to dig into Arnold Schwarzenegger’s first starring role in ten years, 2013’s The Last Stand.

Sheriff Ray Owens has left the life of a big city cop to retire as a small border town’s chief lawman. But when an escaped cartel super-criminal in a Corvette and his gang of mercs make a run for the Mexican border through his town, Owens, his inexperienced deputies and a local gun nut are the only thing standing in their way.

One thought on “Episode 5 – The Last Stand (2013) with Sean Duncan

  1. Just listened. Great show, and Sean was an excellent guest! You guys have real chemistry and sounded like you were all having a lot of fun. I found myself smiling and laughing along, as usual. Keep it up Mike and Casey!

    P.S. I looked up an interview with Peter Stormare to hear his real voice… It’s completely unplaceable. Somewhere in the UK, mixed with parts of Texas. Sometimes he hits his Rs hard, sometimes he drops them entirely. I fear that years of playing “generic European” have destroyed his natural accent… or maybe that’s just a Swedish accent.

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